Questions and Answers

Pre - Sales

A:  Adult website traffic is the type of traffic that is channeled to targets who are interested in adult content which is explicit. Such content may include pornography, adults casinos, and websites with explicit images and videos. This material is inappropriate for young people under the age of 18. They may include content like sex, sex toys, and other explicit content.

A:  As a quality measure, we do not deal with pop-up campaigns because of some reasons which includes the existence of pop-up blockers which reduces the efficiency and deliverability. we focus in harnessing traffic from expired domains and other web properties.
The sources identified earlier are what determines the traffic to your website and this includes highly targeted users who are looking for products and services like yours.

A:  WebTraficBoy.com has partnered with lots of websites making up a big network with millions of traffic to serve to our clients. We then use our state of the art tools to filter traffic and send them to the appropriate website. We also invest in expired domains and divert that traffic to related websites. These sources of traffic are undoubtedly some of the best.

A:  Our system is designed to filter the traffic that we are servicing depending on the different factors such as location and niche targeting. We keep advancing our targeting options to fit the market standards. In the near future you will be able to have laser targeting options such as targeting even the closest customers who may be on your neighborhood.

A:  It all depends with the amount of traffic that is flowing through our network and this could range from anything in the hundreds of thousands and going as high as millions. The volume fluctuates from time to time but we have always delivered millions of traffic within a week.

A:  We aren't strict on whichever website that you choose to promote in our system as long as they comply with our terms and conditions. You should however remember to use the affiliate link during the ordering process.

A:  By bulk traffic we mean the non-specific kind of traffic. It may also mean non-targeted traffic or random traffic without any specific niche targeting. Targeted traffic means traffic that originates from a specified location with a specified audience target.

A:  For ease of tracking and analysis purposes, we only allow one URL per package. If you need to promote to more URLs it is recommended that you order a package for each URL.

A:  This is one of the things that many people confuse every time. A visit is considered a real human visitor who visits a website. On the other hand, a hit is when a visitor opens a file (either an image file, a text file, a html file or anything else on the page.)

A:  Our system is designed to track almost every movement and detail that is performed on the website. As soon as you place the order, the system starts tracking every hit and visit to your website. All these are kept in our records and accessible to you at any time.

A:  No! and never will we deal with any shady form of traffic. Quality is of importance to us as it is important to our clients. All the visitors delivered through our channel is legitimate and they come from real websites.

A:  Since we don't have control over your conversion ration optimization, we cannot make any guarantees as we don't have control over the content of your website. However, almost all of our clients have reported dramatic increase in their sales and leads.

A:  Of course you can. We have lots of adult related websites in our network that are ready to spill loads of traffic onto your website. You should however remember to make this choice when filling the order form.

A:  We are not above the law, none of us is and your website is also expected to meet the law requirements.
We will not accept websites with illegal content, inciting content, promoting hate, racism, violence or illegal activities ( Be sure to check out our TOS page to see our Terms and Conditions).

A:  We have been serving traffic from all niches and we have never sent a client away because we could not figure out the appropriate traffic for their website. Our support team will be happy to help you figure out this.

Post - Sales

A:  Analytical trackers vary because of several factors. Here could be some of the reasons:

  • Slow connections
  • Site unavailability
  • Using copied cache
  • Computer has malfunctioned

You may also want to test your web based counter with Google analytics and also try using statcounter codes.

A:  Don't worry so much. This happens every time. Follow the steps below to correct the error.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to “View Campaigns”
  3. Click “Edit Site URL”
  4. Replace the URL with the correct one and then click on "submit"

It is however important to note that we charge $10 to change the URL of websites with campaigns that have already gone live.

A:  Relying on rDNS search may not give you sufficient results when it comes to geo-targeting details.
In events and situations where such systems cannot determine a user's location, the best way is to use probability and this is the reason why you are reading something different. We have the latest and best scripted software and we are certain that what we are giving you is 100% legit.

A:  Your URL can be changed anytime. However it will not cost you anything to change it when the campaign is within the approval status. Any changes after the campaign goes live is subject to $10 charges.

A:  Soon after the campaign has been approved, you should be able to see traffic flowing to your website within 48 hours.
It may begin with a slow volume because it takes different times to place the banners and links in our network, but after a few hours, you should be getting maximum traffic to your website.

A:  This is something that is very rare with us but in case this happens, it means that there is something that went wrong somewhere. In such a case, please contact our support and we will be happy to look into the issue as soon as possible.