Questions and Answers

Pre - Sales

A:  adult traffic targets audience who are interested in explicit content that are only suitable for adults (18 years and above). These content may include things like porn, intercourse, adult casino, nudity and such.

A:  Pop up advertising is a low quality approach to marketing which we have seen to offer low conversion and as such we have chosen not to offer to our clients. We only focus on highly targeted and high yielding traffic. Another reason why we do not offer them is because there are lots of pop up killers which may interfere with traffic analysis.

A:  BuySitetraffic.com has a huge network made up of affiliate sites, partner sites and also rented space from thousands of authority websites. so you can be sure that the traffic you are getting is legit and ready to convert without any doubts. These are the best sources of traffic in the industry.

A:  We use one of the latest technology in filtering traffic and using this sophisticated technology one is able to target audience depending on their needs. you can target a particular region, specific age group, gender among other things. All this is easily done through the control panel by ticking the options that you need.

A:  Our network is made up of hundreds of sites and depending on the niche that you are in and the amount of traffic that you have ordered, the traffic flow ranges from hundreds to thousands every day. We have delivered as high as millions in a single week, so there is enough for you.

A:  Unlike many other traffic providers, we are not strict on affiliate links and YES you can promote them with us, as long as their website is in accordance to our terms and conditions.

A:  Bulk traffic as it sounds is generic traffic which hasn't been filtered. By choosing this traffic, this means you will be getting traffic from all regions, non specific niche. This is the opposite of targeted traffic which targets as specific audience.

A:  One URL is allowed in every package. This is done for easy tracking. If you need to split traffic over many URLs, you may order different packages or alternatively reach out to us and we will help you out.

A:  This is something that is confused by many people. A visit represent a real human who has visited a particular website or a web page while a Hit is when a file is opened. The file being opened could either be an image file, a php file, a JavaScript file, an asp file, an html file or anything else that is found on a particular web page.

A:  We have an advanced system which is able to track every move and behavior that takes place on the website, so YES, we provide real time analytical tracking to the campaigns that we provide and one can easily access them by logging into their account.

A:  Oh NO! We do not deal in any kind of black hat traffic. Remember that this is the traffic that we are using it ourselves to promote our partner websites and BuySiteTraffic.com is also getting traffic from the traffic network, so it can never be shady in any way (You wouldn't have been here).

A:  It's really impossible to guarantee sales or leads of another business model since there are many other factors involved in getting sales. We have however seen lots of our clients reporting tremendous increase in sales.

A:  Why not? We have been growing our adult sites day after the other and so far we have a very huge network. So you can place adult traffic orders with confidence and we will help you get through.

A:  The law cannot be bent, but it has been made to be obeyed, so shall we. We do not allow any websites that break the law or sell or deal in such illegalities. This may include content that is inciting, promotes hate, racism, violence or illegal activities. Also check out our terms and conditions for more on this.

A:  Our network of sites is huge enough and incorporates all the niches. We will therefore help you find the best matching sites with yours from which we can draw traffic from.

Post - Sales

A:  There are some reasons why some analytical tool may vary. Here are some;

  • Poor connections
  • Website downtime
  • Browser Caching errors
  • Computer not functioning properly

We recommend that you also try using Google analytics if you really need to use a third party tracker.

A:  Please follow the procedure below to resolve the issue;

  1. While logged into your account,
  2. Click on “View Campaigns”
  3. Go to “Edit Site URL”
  4. Then make the necessary replacement of the URL. Then click on "submit"

Making such changes attracts a charge of $10 if the campaign is already live.

A:  Geo-targeting is a complex process which requires different tools to ascertain the actual location of a person. f you are only relying on an rDNS based tracker, you may not be receiving actual results. Sometimes, it uses probability which makes it faulty and as such we only rely on our own system which uses industry's latest technology.

A:  Yes, you can make changes to the provided URL at any time. It is free to make changes to the URL before the campaign starts and after the campaign goes live, the changes attract a charge of $10.

A:  Right after the approval of the campaign by our team, traffic will start buzzing to your site within 48 hours. There may be fluctuations due to the different times that the banners and links have been placed on our associate sites, but soon after they have all been place which usually takes 48 hours, the traffic will grow steadily.

A:  This almost never happens, but if there is such a case, we will be here to look at it and see that you have received your fair share. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us in case such a thing happens.