The privacy policy herein encompasses and works in line with the terms and conditions of, its guidelines, rules and any other provisions. The policies are subject to get modification and changes at anytime. This is what the privacy policy notifies to the user;

  • All the information collected through the website, either personal or other and how the information is handled and used.
  • It notifies the user why some information was collected and how his/her info will be useful to us.
  • The security measures that we have put in place to protect and keep the information they have provided to us.
  • How uses cookies.
  • All external links found on
  • All the procedures for sharing that are allowed

How we collect and make use of the collected info.

By entering into contractual terms with us, you give us full rights to become the owner of the information shared. The information herein refers to all the personal details that you share with us voluntarily, either through form filling, email or other means. We do not sell the information with other third parties but use it for internal quality purposes.

Personal Information

We collect your personal information for quality purposes internally within The usage may include but not limited to sending you emails and making other contacts when we feel necessary. We may call you to let you know about new updates, issues with your account, offers, issues with your campaigns, and other critical issues. We may however disclose your personal information but only when demanded by the law.


You may receive occasional emails from concerning offers and such but we do not share your information with advertisers or the public.

Notification of Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policies whenever feels the need to. From time to time, we ma contact you about our products and services unless, you instruct us not to.

Access to user's info and Control

You have full control on how you choose to receive messages from us and you can easily stop us from sending you more emails by opting out. You may also contact us for:

  • To make a confirmation about the correctness of the information we have on you.
  • Make necessary corrections and updates to the information we have on you.
  • Request for the deletion of your personal information.
  • Make some suggestions that you would like to check into and rectify.


Prior to participating in our services, one is provided with a form which should be filled correctly with the information as required. will use the information collected to contact you and notify you in case of anything that needs to be addressed. To even serve you better, you may opt to give us more information such as Gender, demographics and others.


It is mandatory for one to provide correct information to us when filling forms and placing a purchase on some fields MUST be filled while there are others that are optional but may help us serve you better. Mandatory fields are fields such as Name, contact and credit card details and they are necessary to complete the transaction.

3rd Party Disclosure

No information provided by our customers shall be shared publicly or with other third parties without the consent and permission of our customer.

Private Information Security

For security reasons, we do not store your credit card information after the transaction. We discard all the information after confirmation and completion of every purchase. We also use trusted payment gateways that meet the industry's required safety standards.


A cookie is defined as a small piece of data that is stored on your web browser whenever you visit a particular website. The cookie allows us to keep track of activities of users and allows us to serve them better depending on their browsing interests. Cookies also allows us to keep user's logged in and avoid the tedious process that would have required one to log in everytime they open a different page.
We do not have control over the cookies that are found on other business partners, associates or affiliates and as such, we recommend that you check out their website's terms and conditions and also their privacy and cookie policies. You also agree to not hold us liable for any loss or damages incurred from neglecting to read their terms and conditions and [privacy policies.

Information Sharing with our Partners

We have business associates and partners and in you getting in contract with us, you acknowledge that we may exchange information that we feel necessary. We however strictly restrict the use of the information by these third parties.

Email Usage

We shall occasionally or whenever we feel necessary use the information provided to us to reach out to you and notify you of news and updates that we find necessary to you.

Links to Other Sites

This website like any other has links to other websites and you as a user of should know that we do not have control of sites other than ours. It is therefore your obligation to check the terms and conditions of those websites and see if you agree with them to continue using them. We shall not be held liable for damages and losses resulting from the use of sites other than this website irregardless of whether we link to them or not.