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Description of Service

We at offer the following services; traffic analytics and management tools, programming as a service, shopping cart services and unique content development services. These services are availed to our customers and clients anywhere in the world and can be accessed using their preferred choice of device. It is good to remember that our terms and conditions are applicable with all the transactions and order purchases. It is therefore a requirement that one read and understand the terms and conditions before making any transaction or signing a contract with us. Communication is also considered to be part of our service and by doing business with us or using any of our products and services including our website, you agree to receive them. The communication could come as announcements, messages, notifications, news, changes among other things that we find necessary to you as a customer. We provide the information "as is" and we shall not in any way be held liable for loss or damages of any kind incurred due to this information. As part of the agreement, you also accept to take any responsibilities which may come with third party fees. It is mandatory that one be of 18 years or above to make a valid and binding agreement with and it's associates and partners.

Obligations on Registering

It is a strict requirement that for one to make a binding agreement with us, they must be of mature age which is 18 years and above. Also before registering for any of our services, you must agree that;

  • That whatever information you give to us while registering is true, valid, up to date and in its complete form.
  • That you will keep updating the information that you provided to us whenever there are personal information changes. This is with the aim of keeping the information updated and complete.

You acknowledge that getting into a contract with you, you grant full rights to control your account in which we may decide to delete, terminate or suspend your account permanently or temporarily under reasonable grounds. We may delete an account or suspend it with respect to the provisions of the terms and conditions of this website. These instances may include but not limited to false information, incomplete information, fraudulent activities or other inaccuracies.

Privacy Policy

You should keep in mind that all the information provided to us during registration must be in compliance with the provisions of our website's policy. By using this website, you keep in mind that reserves the right to collect, use and store you information. This may include but not limited to transfers and storage in other mediums.

Membership Accounts

Upon registration to the website, one is issued with a unique password to their account. It is then your responsibility to safeguard the password and protect it without sharing it or mishandling it in a way that will expose it. Since you are the only one given that password, you are responsible and in control of all the activities in your account. In case you lose your password or forget it or cannot access your account for whatever reason, you agree to; (a) Report the issue immediately to notifying us of the case. (b) Log out of your account after completing your session on the website. We shall not in anyway be held responsible for losses or damages resulting from loss of your password or any activity that goes on under your account.


Its is important to note that the content and materials that have been shared here remains the sole responsibility of the originator of that content. This website has third party links from other parties such as advertisers and we have no control over the content that they share. On that score, we give no guarantees on the accuracy of that content and cannot be held liable for any loss or damages incurred resulting from the use of this content. It is therefore important that you realize that you are on your own and you need to do your own due diligence to determine the accuracy of such content.
By accepting to be a member and user of, you agree to use this website with utmost good faith and in a way with no ill intention to anybody else using it. Such intentions may include portrayal of malice, fraud, hate, use of anything illegal and anything else that may harm or infringe any other user of this website including but not limited to it's staff, owners, members, partners, customers and other users as defined in our guidelines.

Submitted Content

You own the copyright and ownership of all the content you submit to us and we shall not in anyway claim ownership of such material. However, by submitting it to us, you grant us permission to use it publicly accessible areas and you also grant us rights to modify it where we feel necessary.

Contributions and Feedback

In any case where you choose to contribute to us either in form of content, material resource or any other form, the contribution becomes our property and we have full control of how we use it. In no way shall you make demands regarding the contribution and neither way, you may not demand compensation for it.


We as reserve the right to delete or suspend your account either permanently or temporarily with or without your prior notice. This includes but not limited to; your membership account on our website, deletion of your email address, or other information. This penalty may be as a result to (a) Going against our website TOS. (b) Fraudulent activities (c) Failure to clear overdue fees

Limitation of Liability

As subject to the provision of law, you agree that, its staff, owner, employees, customers, partners, associates, licensors, subsidiaries and officers cannot be held liable for any kind of damages whether direct, indirect, consequential or special. The losses and damages may include but not limited to profits, goodwill, loss on content, and anything else that is intangible even if had already been notified of possibilities of such damages occurring. Warnings and advises that we may have received may include but not limited to; (i) User's inability to use the website, products and services correctly; (ii) Poor projections and budgeting on products and services; (iii) Fraudulent activities; (iv) Misconducts and abnormalities that may affect our services; or (v) Other things that may involve our services

General Entire Agreement

In cases where there are earlier agreements made and contracts signed, it is important to keep in mind that these terms and conditions supersedes them. However, there are instances where other terms may be applicable.

Purchase Agreement

Making any kind of transaction or purchase from is done under the provisions of the terms and conditions and the Purchase agreement. You thereby agree to be bound by those terms and conditions, policies and guidelines.


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